We are excited to announce we are the provider of Affordable Art Fair's Children Art Studio!

This November, join us in a 75-min creative art-exploratory workshop at $15 only!


Sign your child up for this workshop and gain free entry for 2 adults (worth $32)!

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Children Art Studio: Garden of Tomorrow

Garden of Tomorrow is a thought-provoking installation with a collaborative element, that attempts to stimulate reflection upon the significance of our green spaces and its inhabitants in Singapore. It will bring to light the ongoing tug-of-war between Nature vs Manmade structures in our Garden City. What will happen to our city if we do not safeguard these precious landscapes?

Our craft session is inspired by Singapore’s ever-growing garden city. Children will be encouraged to think about a tiny and overlooked community- insects living in our ecosystem! “How will our insects survive as Singapore develops? How will we co-exist with our creepy crawly friends?”

It incorporates:

  • A learning tour around the fair and a tactile art making session.
  • We will learn about unconventional mixed media artworks by upcoming contemporary artists and create a whimsical 3D artwork inspired by the tour.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will be taught to create a whimsical 3D diorama that incorporates tactile materials.
  • Promotes motor skills
  • Have a deeper appreciation for contemporary art
  • Learn in depth about nature through science
  • Experiment with various materials, such as coffee powder, clay, aluminium foil, sequins and crepe paper.

Age group:

This workshop is suitable for children aged 4 - 12 years old.

*7 kids per workshop session.

Ticket information:

Do make sure to check your details upon checking out as to secure your tickets.

Limited tickets available!

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For more information:

Contact Number: 69090821

Art Wonderland is an exciting new space, put together by the people behind The Amazing Art Shuttle. With almost a decade of experience in Singapore's Art Education scene, Art Wonderland was conceived as a space to push forward exciting and innovative Art teaching methods and experiences.

Our curriculum is based n Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and promotes integrated learning of concepts such as numeracy, literacy and discovery of the world through the Arts.

Nov 16 - Nov 19, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Sun ]
12:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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F1 Pit Building, 038975 Singapore
16 Nov Craft workshop (6pm) $15.00
16 Nov Craft workshop (8pm) $15.00
17 Nov Craft workshop (12pm) $15.00
17 Nov Craft workshop (2pm) $15.00
17 Nov Craft workshop (4pm) $15.00
17 Nov Craft workshop (6pm) $15.00
17 Nov Craft workshop (8pm) $15.00
18 Nov Craft workshop (11am) $15.00
18 Nov Craft workshop (1pm) $15.00
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18 Nov Craft workshop (5pm) $15.00
19 Nov Craft workshop (11am) $15.00
19 Nov Craft workshop (1pm) $15.00
19 Nov Craft workshop (3pm) $15.00

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Venue Address
F1 Pit Building, 038975 Singapore Singapore
Free parking at F1 Pit Building
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